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To Start a career in pharmacy, a candidate needs to opt for D.Pharma or B.Pharma after completion of 12th class. Both PCB and PCM stream students can apply for these courses.
  • D.Pharma: Itís a two-year diploma course in pharmacy.
  • B.Pharma: Itís a four-year degree course in pharmacy.
Admissions to D. Pharma or B. Pharma are mostly on the basis of ranks obtained in entrance exams conducted by the states or the university. After completion of B.Pharma one can go for M.Pharma for specialization, and after that one may register himself/herself for post doctorate degree or Ph. D.

Career Options    

Job Prospects & Career Options for Pharmacy students

India has a vast and growing pharmaceutical industry. Increasing number of hospitals, nursing homes and pharmaceuticals companies all over the country is a clear indication of the growing scope in this area. Pharmacy offers reasonably good career opportunities both by way of jobs as well as in terms of starting your own business.

The job avenues for a pharmacist are with pharmaceutical industry, government departments, universities, teaching hospitals, investigation and research institute etc. Within the pharmaceutical industry you might be involved in activities relating to the development, formulation, production or marketing of new drugs for clinical use. Drug control administration and armed forces also offer a wide range of opportunities to pharmacists. Appointments are also available in sale promotion work as medical representatives. As a Medical Representative he keeps the medical practitioner informed about the new drugs and treatments developed by various pharmaceutical companies and thus indirectly promote their sales.

M.pharm or Ph.D holders are normally absorbed in research work, to develop new useful drugs, in laboratories and in production work in pharmaceutical industry and analyzing them for purity and strength. Pharmacist may also take up teaching as a profession as lectures in pharmacy colleges and universities.

Pharmacists are hired within the central and state government departments- the Health Protection Branch of the Department of Health and Welfare, the Pest Control Division of Agriculture, the Department of National Defense, Provincial Research Councils, and the Provincial Departments of Agriculture or the Environment. There is also employment opportunities within the food and cosmetic industries or within any other industry that requires the assurance that new products are as safe and effective as possible. In government departments, a pharmacist maintains proper records according to various Government acts governing the profession of pharmacy. As a drug inspector or government analyst he is to make sure that the drugs manufactured and sold, are of standard quality.

A diploma or degree holder in Pharmacy, after registering with the State Pharmacy Council, can set up and run their own pharmacy or chemists and druggists shop to stock and sell medicines and dispense them according to doctors prescriptions. In a retail Pharmacy he has varied duties, including buying and selling of related items demanded by the public.

As many students opt for education in Pharma , this page concentrates on various Pharmacy colleges in India. As there are many Pharma colleges spread across India, we have tried to list them state wise, as in we have listed the Pharmacy colleges in every state in India.

We have attempted to give as accurate information as possible while compiling this list of Pharma degree colleges in India. But incase, there is some discrepancy in the details of the colleges provided here, then please do feel free to write to us. We would welcome any kind of effort from your side that will improve the quality of this site, a site that aims to provide the best on education in India.

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Pharmacy (from the Greek φάρμακον 'pharmakos' = drug) is the health profession that links the health sciences with the chemical sciences, and it is charged with ensuring the safe and effective use of medication. The scope of pharmacy practice includes more traditional roles such as compounding and dispensing medications, and it also includes more modern services related to patient care, including clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, and providing drug information. Pharmacists, therefore, are the experts on drug therapy and are the primary health professionals who optimize medication use to provide patients with positive health outcomes. The term is also applied to an establishment used for such purposes.

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